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In Focus of Cleveland, Inc. provides board and care services to youth who are currently in the custody of surrounding counties and have been placed with the agency for residency, intervention and programming.  In addition, In Focus is also appropriate for court-involved youth returning to the community who require a high level of structure and individualized attention until permanent placement is solidified.



The safe haven locations at In Focus are neighborhood homes that provide our young men with a family-like setting. No more than six boys live in each home and they have the opportunity to carry out their own unique schedules. Food is provided, as well as clothing, shoes and other personal care needs. The young men begin to learn and practice self-help skills such as cleaning, cooking, washing laundry and yard care. Staff support the residents by providing structure, giving the young men responsibilities and holding them accountable. During their stay with the agency, it is imperative that young men are comfortable and feel safe within the home. Many young men enjoy their residency and stay in touch with staff after their departure.


Residents are in the care of the local social service entity. A case plan is created to provide the young man with the most beneficial supports as needed. In Focus has strong relationships with local companies and agencies that provide the following services:


  • Medical Care (internal, dental, vision)
  • Traditional Education
  • Substance abuse counseling/assessments
  • Life skills training
  • Anger management groups
  • Professional tutoring
  • GED preparation
  • Individual counseling
  • Social/recreational programming
  • Mentoring
  • Job placement assistance