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Independent Living

An independent living building was added to the In Focus family to help assist young men approaching emancipation become prepared. In the program, two residents dwell in a two-bedroom apartment and are responsible for the upkeep of the property. These young men are close to completing high school or have already accomplished that goal. Please contact In Focus about the other requirements expected for custody involved males to become residents.

The goals of the Independent Living/Life Skills Program are as follows:

  • To prepare you in out-of-home care to function safely and responsibly as young adults in their social, emotional, educational, and intellectual readiness as they enter adulthood.
  • To empower youth to achieve a valuable and respectable place in society.
  • To develop youth emancipating from out-of-home care in attaining a high school diploma, GED certificate or vocational certification.
  • To develop youths competency and confidence in accessing resources available in the community.
  • To assist youth in utilizing legal documents that will be necessary to conduct business as an adult. All clients accepted into the program will be required to have the following documents in their records:
    • Original/certified copy of birth certificate
    • Original Social Security Card
    • State ID or Driver’s License
    • Educational records ( IEP, transcript, diploma, GED certificate)
    • Medical records
    • Independent Living Transition Plan/Case Plan/Life Book
    • Resume (rough draft)
    • Bank account (at least prepared for one)